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I was reading a recent issue of Bits About Money, where patio11 mentioned a post by Interfluidity. I was curious, and after poking around the website, I found his “drafts” site, where he’s a little more relaxed with what he publishes.

Then I was listening to an episode of Ben Thompson’s Sharp Tech, discussing ChatGPT v4 and its ability to detect the author of one of Ben’s future (from the perspective of the AI’s 2021 dataset) articles; he joked about it finding his “secret blog”.

So I’ve decided to start this not-so-secret blog. I’m writing this on Micro.blog1, but I’m also considering Bear – something simple where I can quickly write and publish, unlike the arduity of posting to my main site.

I tried Twitter for this reason, but this is cheaper (than Blue ;) ) and more fun. Yes, Twitter, when used properly, is a great networking tool; Alexey Guzey says this often. But this might work better for me at the moment. We’ll see where this goes.

1Now testing on (after a few minutes on Mataroa – maybe I’ll go back). I like the interface better, but we’ll see. This is the danger here: I’ll end up trying every platform, not writing anything.

Update: I ended up back on, for various reasons; this site is now called my “notes”, rather than “secret blog”, but the idea is the same.