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Cool Things I've Read This Week - Week 36, 2023

I didn’t read as much this week: I do most of my article reading during school via print-outs1 I bring from home2. It works out because it’s nowhere near as obvious as a book but still gives me back some of the time that’s being absolutely destroyed by whichever class I’m required to attend. Also, we had Monday off for Labor Day, and I have been super tired.

“Picture the person you love most […] eating cereal. […] Entropy will get them.”

1four pages per sheet, double sided, flipped on the long edge!

2or, sometimes, when I’m desperate, print in the school library for $0.10/page

I wrote many of the entries in this post at once, but the goal is to write my reactions soon after I read an article – which is something I often do anyway, just on the paper on which I’ve printed the piece.

Week numbers! What’s the Current Week Number? (