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Hello again!

Hi! I have been writing a lot for school lately, which made me remember that I actually enjoy doing this sometimes. When it’s marginally enjoyable to write about things about which I have no interest, it must be truly enjoyable to write about things that do interest me. That’s the theory anyway.

Both this website and my main one are out of date, and I would like to get around to merging them into one. I finally stopped paying $7/month to host a one-episode (two-, if you count the “trailer” one) podcast. I found out that it broke for some reason, so I was quite literally paying for nothing for some period of time. I guess it doesn’t make that much of a difference, since, while it was working, I was paying for practically nothing. Anyway, the podcast is on Acast now, and it took practically no time to transfer.

I’m still young, and I have no idea how change works. I’m going to college soon and am in my last few months of high school. It’s incredibly boring, and I do a horrible job staying motivated and getting work done. I’m looking forward to being interested in school once college comes around. We’ll see if that (school being interesting—I think the antecedent might’ve been unclear) prospect just keeps receding into the horizon…

I know that my life will change a lot and that this part is almost over, but I don’t know it yet. I guess I’ll have to realize it sooner or later.

I was recording some voiceovers (for personal use, nothing particularly interesting) the other day using my podcasting setup, and it reminded me that I like talking and listening to myself talk while editing that audio. I might get around to recording another episode of something.

Publishing things online is always fun, even though ~no one reads this. I’ll probably think of more random things to type.