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Producing More: Quantity Over Quality, and My New Podcast

Something I read on Read Max a few months ago stuck with me. He wrote about how actually writing, or actually producing is what makes you better; what really matters is that you produce at all.

I didn’t act on it at the time, but it stayed in the back of my mind, as I was thinking about (but not actually writing) my blog. The thesis of that post is essentially the rationale behind this blog, much of which I detailed here and here.

This applies broadly, though, and just as easily to podcasts. The relationship between this (“notes”) blog and my “main” blog is analogous to that between my Anchor (now Spotify Podcasts) show and my main (“Jake Russo Podcast”) one.

I just started this podcast in the car, outside of a restaurant. I’ve been thinking about doing just that for a week or two, now, and I finally did.

And it went well. It was fun, and, knowing that I only had one take, it was much quicker and more enjoyable than recording for my other podcast (which, unsurprisingly, only has two episodes – one of which is a trailer). My attitude with that podcast and this blog is similar, if not the same: I record something, don’t listen to or edit it, and publish. The goal is similar, too: I’ll never get better at blogging if I don’t do it often; I’ll never get better at podcasting if I don’t do it often. The only way anyone could possibly hear or read what I have to say is if I actually say it. And saying more is better than saying less – more chances.

I write this as I’m going through still somewhat manual process of submitting podcast RSS feeds to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and other distributors.

You can listen to the episode I just recorded here.

It’ll eventually get its own page on this site.

If you’re interested in making content for the internet or need something interesting to do (both of which exist in my reason set), give the aforementioned article a read. We’ll see if this lasts; it’d be good if I were actually consistent with it!